Thrifty Book Finds

Looking over my past posts, I noticed that it has been quite a while since I've written about my book finds. So I decided to round up the few books I've bought in the last month and a half and present them today.

Lately, I've been trying my best to whittle down my ever-expanding TBR pile. I have been pretty busy this summer, and haven't been reading at my normal pace. As a result, I've been limiting the amount of books I allow myself to buy. Well, more like using amazing self control to not even set foot inside a bookstore because I know what will happen.

However, there are always a few books that manage to slip through. My system isn't fool proof. Luckily, these finds have all been excellent deals that I just couldn't pass up. The Angel's Game was the biggest purchase at $6, but I loved The Shadow of the Wind so much I could easily justify the purchase. All the rest are $2 or under, with Time and Again coming in at $.40. Pretty decent in my opinion.

Have you read any of these titles? Let me know if there's one that I should move to the top of my TBR immediately!



  1. Middlesex is one of my all time favourite books. I hope you like it!

  2. Time and Again is a good one. I wasn't super crazy about the main character but the story is interesting. And you certainly can't beat that price! Well I guess free would beat it. OK so it's very difficult to beat that price. Anyway, nice haul and I look forward to your posts on these.

  3. The Angel's Game was such a powerful book. Very different than Shadow, but I thought it was almost better. There is a ton in there to think about, and a lot of good vs. evil stuff too. A great choice there. I also really liked The Corrections and Middlesex and have to admit that you did great with keeping to a tight budget and getting great books! Enjoy them!

  4. Great haul of books, unbelievable price! I've actually only read The Angel's Game and I thought it was quite good, though I think the eye on the cover gives away a little too much.

  5. I loved Shadow of the Wind and have been meaning to get Angel's Game... I've heard it's a prequel of sorts - is that right?

    Great finds!

  6. I've read Middlesex (loved it) and the Corrections (have mixed feelings). I'm curious to see what you think of them both!

  7. Christa - I'm really excited about Middlesex. Good to know it is a favorite of yours!

    Red - I had never heard of Time and Again before seeing it in the store, flipping the book over and reading the description. Sounded interesting enough for the price so I decided to go for it.

    Zibilee - I'm so glad The Angel's Game is a winner. Prequels/sequels make me nervous, especially when I really loved the original. It's good to know that it will be worth 'blowing' my budget at $6. :)

  8. Crowe - Hmm...interesting little teaser about the eye. Now I'm even more intrigued. So excited to read this one since I love Shadow so much.

    Rayna - Yes, I do believe that it's set prior to the civil war that leads up to Shadow. I'm hoping it will be just as good.

    Mandy - After hearing so many people praise Middlesex I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to read it myself. This will be the first book I've read by Eugenides, and I'm really excited!


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