Frugal Fiction Finds

                                                                    Total: $11.87

Once December rolls around, I'm pretty good about only making purchases for others instead of myself. I love thinking about and planning the perfect gift for someone. There's nothing better than watching the recipient's face light up with recognition that the gift he or she holds is actually something they like.

However, there is one thing that manages to slip under the radar this time a year: a book. Now, I do limit myself to only frugal finds so as not to completely negate my policy. Here is a stack of my recent acquisitions. There is a pretty good mix of books here from YA to Pulitzer Prize winning. I'm really excited about Had a Good Time by Robert Olen Butler. He is a new-to-me author who takes vintage postcards from the early twentieth century and crafts short stories based on the messages found on the backs of the cards. How awesome is that?!

What are some of your most recent book finds? I'm always looking for great recommendations!


  1. I've met Robert Olen Butler and found him super pretentious. It kind of turned me off of his writing. I haven't actually read any of his stuff, but a reading I went to featured the first chapter or so of his newest novel A Small Hotel and it was almost painfully slow-paced. Short stories are probably a good place to start, and I like the idea of the postcards. I'll be interested to see what you think.

  2. I've heard really good things about Will Grayson Will Grayson and Cloud Atlas.
    Great finds!

  3. Have heard wonderful things about Cloud Atlas, one I would love to read as well.

  4. I've read Cloud Atlas and thought it was a really clever book. Hope you like it!

  5. Oh, you got some great stuff there! I also am really frugal with the book buying at this time of year, though my family doesn't even buy me books! I usually wait until January to spend and spend. Enjoy your new reads!


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